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Why Do My Teeth Look Clear at the Bottom?

Transparent-looking teeth can be an unwanted aesthetic dental issue that often indicates enamel loss. A tooth naturally features protective coatings of enamel, but when that enamel coating is gone, teeth are more vulnerable to chips, decay, and a translucent appearance. It’s important to maintain good oral health to keep your teeth strong and your smile aesthetically pleasing, as well as to protect against enamel loss – which is essentially permanent. 

Some potential causes of enamel erosion include: 

In the case of transparent teeth, there are multiple treatments and procedures that can offer a solution. The right option for each patient will depend on the severity of discoloration and personal needs. By covering the clear-looking portion of the tooth or repairing its structural integrity, professional restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments can often revitalize a patient’s smile with successful results. 

With help from Dr. Kevin Sands at his Beverly Hills practice, many patients can address functional and aesthetic concerns with their smiles. Restorative and cosmetic treatment options can ultimately help prevent further decline in tooth quality. 

Dental treatments for this condition include: 

For more information on cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, contact our office to schedule a consultation. 

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