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Simple Makeup Tips for a Red Carpet Smile

I try to make sure my patients always have A-list smiles. While I offer procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers that can dramatically enhance the look of your teeth, something as seemingly minor as your shade of lipstick can also create that dazzling impact you are seeking.

Wine-colored lipsticks often have a tendency to make your teeth look whiter, whereas a lighter lipstick that contains orange pigment–such as coral–can highlight the yellow in your teeth instead. There is a wide range of bright reds that can have the same effect as wine-colored lipsticks, as long as you select a bright red with blue undertones instead of orange. The advantage of a high-gloss nude lipstick is that the natural enamel of your teeth can actually appear more illuminated due to a reflection of the shine created by the gloss.

I offer my Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry patients these small tips to help their teeth look their whitest and red carpet-ready in between regular cleanings and teeth whitening treatments.

Tune in to our next blog post in this series about how to attain a whiter shade to your teeth. The next installment will explain how you can achieve a long-lasting, "movie-star" quality smile – and keep it!

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