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What are the Side Effects of Sedation Dentistry?

On our last blog, we discussed the benefits of sedation dentistry and how Dr. Kevin Sands can help you enjoy an anxiety-free, relaxing dental treatment. Today, we’ll talk about the potential side effects of popular sedation dentistry techniques and what you can expect.

Patients should be free of certain health conditions before treatment, otherwise they may not be candidates for some sedation dentistry options. During your initial consultation, Dr. Sands will go over your medical history and talk with you about your needs to determine the best course of action. The most common side effects of oral conscious sedation or IV sedation are the grogginess and sleepiness that patients experience once the treatment is complete. This makes it very important that you arrange for someone to bring you to and from the office on the day of your appointment.

Patients who have oral conscious sedation may also experience a temporary dry mouth feeling until the effects of the drug completely wear off. Other side effects of oral conscious sedation may include temporary dizziness, a headache, lightheadedness, or other conditions; however, it is very rare that these effects are serious and will likely fade quickly, if they occur at all. Many patients experience an amnesic effect after oral conscious sedation and do not remember the procedure taking place. For a lot of people, that’s actually a positive side effect!

Other than exhaustion and a groggy feeling after treatment, patients who have IV sedation typically do not experience significant side effects. Again, it is very important to be honest with Dr. Sands about your medical history and let him know about any health conditions or allergies you may have in order to ensure you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry. We also advise that you do not engage in strenuous exercise or heavy lifting within 24 hours after your procedure.

Whether you opt for oral conscious sedation or IV sedation, an experienced healthcare professional will be in the room at all times to monitor you and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Sedation dentistry can ultimately help you attain a relaxing, virtually pain-free treatment while we improve both the health and appearance of your teeth!

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