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Such a pleasure to go to this Dentist!

I always feel so well taken care of at Dr. Sands office. I have been going there for about 4 or 5 years now and everyone is amazing, warm, friendly, attentive and just great healthcare providers. Love Janina and Magaly, had a wonderful experience with Dr. Kahn and Megan today and SO appreciate Dr. Sands checking in with me and proactively contacting the periodontist in their building to consult with me this morning so I wouldn’t have to come back for another appointment. I didn’t request that or even expect it, just so thoughtful of him!!! I love that I have such credentialed and experienced dentists and specialists taking care of me. It’s really rare these days to find that combination of high touch service, care and expertise in healthcare providers. Thank you all at Dr. Sands office. You make it such a pleasure to go to the dentist!

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