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Kim Kardashian Visit Sparks Social Media Craze for Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Kevin Sands, a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, recently received a visit at his practice from actress and television personality Kim Kardashian. Following her visit, Dr. Sands says he will continue to push the social media envelope after witnessing the buzz that overtook his online community following recent tweets from both Kardashian and Charlie Sheen after a visit to his office.

Actress, entrepreneur, and model Kim Kardashian of the E! reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians recently visited Dr. Kevin Sands at his practice for cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills. After Kardashian posted about the appointment on her Twitter account, and his online community subsequently erupted, Dr. Sands says he continues to be a strong advocate of actively communicating with one’s patients through the various online outlets that have received viral attention over the past few years. He also adds that while social media interaction from celebrity-status patients like Kardashian, who currently has over 13 million followers on Twitter, may be rare, the basic principle of staying connected with one’s patients is an essential aspect of providing quality care and strengthening the sense of community.

Focusing on cosmetic dental procedures at his practice such as Invisalign in Beverly Hills, Dr. Sands says embracing social media to provide patients with the latest news and specials has become an integral part of standard dental office practices. He says offering patients access to an online community of like-minded individuals with similar needs both broadens the reach of his services and enhances the network of patient referrals so that everyone receives the highest level of care. “Social media gives people a valuable forum to research the procedures and dentists they are considering. Interactions with patients of any kind offer them additional insight into the practice or procedure, and interactions with patients like Kim can drastically increase awareness and usefulness of this community.”

Whether a business provides porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, or auto repairs, Dr. Sands says social media connectivity is changing the way consumers find reliable information and active engagement is the key to tapping into this wealth of opportunity. “Social Media allows patients and dentists to interact and share their experiences; and patients now have a voice to broadcast their satisfaction.”

About Kevin B. Sands, DDS

Dr. Kevin Sands graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and received advanced education in dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies for Advanced Anterior Aesthetic Dentistry. He is a member of the California State Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the American Dental Association. Dr. Sands has also been featured on several network television makeover programs including The Learning Channel’s 10 Years Younger, the Style Network’s 2nd Look, and E!’s Dr. 90210.

Located at 414 North Camden Drive, Suite 940 in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Sands can be reached at (310) 707-1288. He can also be contacted online via the website or


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