My first experience here was top notch

My first experience here was top notch, from the receptionist to the hygienist to the dentist, Dr. Sands.
The office is gorgeous and the staff are very friendly and personable, not trying to hard, not phony in any way, just nice, real, down to earth people who seem to enjoy their work.

I was seated right away and the hygienist got right to work, with x-rays (high tech, on a monitor in front of you), then the cleaning – I spent no time waiting in the room or in the dentist chair. I think this was a first in the out of many dentists I have been to.

Then, Dr. Sands and I had a great talk about my situation. I face a few options in a range of prices and he walked me through them all giving pros and cons and costs and answering ALL my questions.

It was just a cleaning and exam today, but I’m considering some cosmetic work on my front teeth and based on this experience I feel very good about moving forward.

Amit Mann

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