I love Dr. Sands, he’s truly the very best at cosmetic dentistry!

I love Dr. Sands, he’s truly the very best at cosmetic dentistry!

Dr. Sand truly cares about you getting perfect results, being the perfectionist and artist he is! No matter what, he’ll truly go out of his way to make sure you do too! Plus most dentists are knowledgeable, but Dr. Sands is also very sensitive to the very real fears that many people have about dental procedures. He is very good at making you relax and calming those fears.

Dr. Sands office makes excellent use of technology. Computer monitors are in every one of several rooms and there’s ample dental equipment, x-ray machines, and TV’s in every room for you to take your mind off the procedure and relax.

Dr. Sands also has the best of the best specialty dentists. He’s the very best at what he does too! Not too mention extremely caring and a perfectionist as well which is exactly what I want in a surgeon.
The men and women that run Dr. Sands office are always friendly, professional, caring and helpful! They are all rockstars!

You will not find a better cosmetic dentist and staff!

Do yourself a big favor go see Dr. Sands. He and his staff will leave you feeling like you hands down made the right decision by making him your dentist!!!

Give yourself a “treat” now, don’t hesitate or wait!
A great smile is worth a thousand words…:)

Mark G

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